We attend conferences for a number of reasons: to share and get feedback on our research, take stock of the field, set research and institutional priorities, find and connect with mentors, catch up with old friends and make new ones, and break bread together. We’ll unfortunately miss some aspects of the conference experience this year, but we can still share our work and connect with each other through a joint ASFS/AFHVS Twitter Conference, July 23-25. Whether you’re a Twitter pro or have never used it before, our helpful guide will support you to participate in this free event. The Twitter Conference is being voluntarily organized by four ASFS and AFHVS members.

The video for our 2020 Presidential Address and Awards Showcase Event, including the 2020 Presidential Address, given by 2019-2020 AFHVS President Molly Anderson, and the recognition of Professional Award and Student Paper Award winners, is available below. Molly's slides are also posted below as a PDF file for your reference.

2020 AFHVS Presidential Address and Awards Showcase Video

2020 Presidential Address by Molly Anderson, "Pushing the Boundaries" - PowerPoint

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