Professional Awards

Call for Nominations

The Call for AFHVS Professional Award Nominations for 2020  is available here. Completed nominations packages will be due by March 1, 2020. Full submission instructions will be provided in the Call. 

Award Winners

The Richard P. Haynes Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award in Agriculture, Food, and Human Values

To honor persons who in their careers have made outstanding contributions towards realizing the goals of the AFHVS through research, teaching, extension, public service or public policy.

2010 - Richard Haynes, University of Florida

2011 - Kate Clancy, Independent food systems consultant

2013 - Paul Thompson, Michigan State University

2014 - Laura DeLind, Michigan State University

2015 - Carolyn Sachs, The Pennsylvania State University

2018 - Gilbert Wayne "Gil" Gillespie, Jr., Cornell University and
    Harrisdale Homestead

2019 - Cornelia Flora, Iowa State University

Excellence in Scholarship

To recognize AFHVS members who have made outstanding research contributions that are important to an aspect of agriculture, food, and human values.

2010 - Leland Glenna, The Pennsylvania State University

2011 - Clare Hinrichs, The Pennsylvania State University

2012 - Patricia Allen, Marylhurst University

2015 - Julie Guthman, University of California, Santa Cruz

2016 - Rick Welsh, Syracuse University

2017 - Lisa Heldke, Gustavus Adolphus College

2018 - Daniel Jaffee, Portland State University

2019 - Matthew Sanderson, Kansas State University

Excellence in Instruction

To recognize AFHVS members for outstanding teaching related to agriculture, food, and human values at the graduate and/or undergraduate level.

2009 - Harry West, Johan Pottier, and Jacob Klein - Food Studies Centre, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

2014 - Gilbert G. Gillespie, Cornell University

2017 - Amy Guptill, SUNY Brockport

2018 - Robert T. Valgenti, Lebanon Valley College

2019 - Valentine Cadieux, Hamline University

Excellence in Public Service

To honor AFHVS members who have made academic or non-academic contributions that have had significant public service impact on the advancement of agriculture, food, and human values through their work in universities, colleges, government, non-government organizations, or consultancies.

2012 - Douglas Constance, Sam Houston State University

2014 - Ardyth Harris Gillespie, Cornell University

2019 - Neva Hassanein, University of Montana

excellence in innovation

2017 - Marcia Ostrom, Washington State University

special commendation

2015 - To Michaela Oldfield, for outstanding service to the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society

2019 - To Harvey S. James, Jr., for 12 years as Editor-in-Chief of Agriculture and Human Values

Student Awards

Call for Nominations

The Call for Papers for the 2020 Student Research Paper Awards is available here. Papers will be accepted in both undergraduate and graduate categories. Submissions will be due February 21, 2020. 

Award Winners

Graduate Student Research Paper 


Winning Paper:
"Landed Value Grabbing in the Terroir of Post-socialist Specialty Wine," A. June Brawner, Department of Anthropology, The University of Georgia

Honorable Mention:
"Acts of Translation: The Connective Tissue of an Alternative Agri-food Assemblage in Guatemala," Ioulia Fenton, Department of Anthropology, Emory University


"Making Agricultural Entrepreneurs out of Campesinos: How Water Policy Reform Is Reshaping Agricultural Systems under Climate Change in Piura, Peru," Megan Mills-Novoa, School of Geography and Development, University of Arizona


Winning Paper:
“A Differentiated Notion of Justice in a Pay-What-You-Can CafĂ©,” Kelly Shreeve, Department of Sociology, Colorado State University

Honorable Mention:
"Queer Farmland: Smallholder Strategies for Finding Land, Home, and Knowledge,” Isaac Sohn Leslie, Department of Community & Environmental Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison


"Troubling Tradition, Community, and Self-Reliance: Reframing Expectations for Village Seed Banks," Emily Reisman, University of California-Santa Barbara


"Cultivating Citizenship, Equity, and Social Inclusion? Putting Civic Agriculture into Practice through Urban Farming," Melissa Poulsen, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


"The Great American Garden: Farming Myth and Sustainability on the Western Prairie," Joel Scherer, Colorado State University


Winning paper:
"Labor of Love: Viability Strategies in Sustainable Farming," Analena Bruce

Honorable Mention:
"Incorporating the Philosophy of Technology into Animal Welfare Assessment," Courtney Lynd Daigle, Michigan State University


Winning paper:
"Problems with the Defetishization Thesis: The Case of a Farmer’s Market," Ryan Gunderson, Michigan State University 

Published as: Ryan Gunderson, "Problems with the defetishization thesis: ethical consumerism, alternative food systems, and commodity fetishism," Agriculture and Human Values, 31(1), 2014.

Honorable Mention:
"How Local is Local? Determining the Boundaries of Local Food in Practice," Shawn Trivette, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Winning papers:
"The Rise of Local Organic Food Systems in the US: An Analysis of Farmers’ Markets." Jared Oleson, University of California Irvine

"Landscape Agroecology: Pathways for Collective and Individual Multifunctionality," Noelle Harden and Loka Ashwood, University of Wisconsin Madison

Honorable mentions:
"Pushing the Boundaries of Indigeneity and Agricultural Knowledge: Immigrant Community Gardening in California," Laura-Anne Minkoff-Zern, UC Berkeley, Department of Geography

"The Political Ecology of Forming a Farming Cooperative in Pompeya, Ecuador," Juliet Braslow, University of California Davis


"Growing Local Food: Scale and Local Food Systems Governance,” Phil Mount, Department of Geography, University of Guelph 

Published as: Phil Mount, "Growing local food: scale and local food systems governance," Agriculture and Human Values, 29(1), 2012.


“Keeping the Wineglass Full: Sustainable Viticulture and Its Role in Sustaining Agricultural Livelihoods in Lodi, California,” Matthew Hoffman, Iowa State University, Department of Sociology and Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture


"[paper title needed]" Betty Izumi, Michigan State University, School of Public Health

“(Bio)fueling farm policy: The Ethanol Boom and the 2008 Farm Bill," Nadine Lehrer, University of Minnesota, Natural Resources Science and Management

Published as: Lehrer, N. (2010) (Bio)fueling farm policy: The biofuels boom and the 2008 farm bill. Agriculture and Human Values, 27(4):427-444.

Undergraduate Student Research Paper Awardees


“Fighting Racism at its Root: An Examination of San Diego’s Community Gardens,” Jane Henderson, Ethnic Studies and Spanish, University of San Diego


"The Origin and Lifespan of Food Assistance Programs during the Great Depression," Vincent Gottfried Wisehoon, Syracuse University


"The Politics of Transgenic Food: An Ethnographically-Informed Analysis of the Ban on Genetically Modified Crops in Bolivia," Kristin Gjelsteen, University of Puget Sound


"Wendell Berry’s Object-Oriented Agroecology and the New Millennium, " Charlie Jackson, New Mexico State University


"Building a Real Food System: The Challenges and Successes on the College Campus," Sarah Arndt


"In Search of the New "Fair Trade" Paradigm: An Alternative to the Market-Driven Relationship," Ezequiel Zylberberg, University of Florida, Department of Religion.

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