AFHVS Officers and board members

Executive Committee


Jessica Goldberger, Washington State University; chair, Publications Committee; co-chair, Nominations Committee; liaison, Conference Program Committee

Past President

Leland Glenna, The Pennsylvania State University; chair, Professional Awards Committee


Marcia Ostrom, Washington State University; chair, Nominations Committee

TREASURER (2016-2018)

Shawn Trivette, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Board of Directors


Jill Clark, The Ohio State University; chair, Student Paper Awards Committee

Kim Niewolny, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; chair, Membership & Communications Committee

Shawn Trivette, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Treasurer


Lesli Hoey, University of Michigan; member, Nominations Committee

Daniel Jaffee, Portland State University; co-chair, Publications Committee

Ryan Galt, University of California-Davis; member, Publications Committee


Caroline Brock, University of Missouri; member, Conference Program Committee

Roni Neff, Johns Hopkins University; member, Membership & Communications Committee

Jason Parker, The Ohio State University; member, Professional Awards Commitee

Florence Becot, The Ohio State University (Graduate Student/Early Career Professional); chair, Graduate Student/Early Career Professional Committee

Lily Fink Shapiro, University of Michigan (Graduate Student/Early Career Professional); member, Graduate Student, Early Career Professional Committee; member, Conference Program Committee

If you would like to reach any of our officers, please contact us at

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