Agriculture and Human Values

Agriculture and Human Values is the official journal of the Society. Like the Society, it seeks to create educational and scholarly affiliations among the humanities, the social sciences, food and nutrition studies, and the agricultural disciplines, and to promote an ethical, social, and ecological understanding of agricultural and food systems. The journal publishes papers that critically question the values that underlie and the relationships that characterize both conventional and alternative approaches to the agrifood system - from production, processing, distribution, access, and use to waste management. Of particular interest are papers that explore the differential impacts of ag- and food-related institutions, policies, and practices on human populations and the environment. The journal also publishes book reviews and field reports on related topics. 

Agriculture and Human Values was founded in 1983 with support from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, the University of Florida Humanities and Agriculture Program, and the College of Agriculture of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida, and is now published by Springer. Institutional subscribers should go to the Springer Librarian's PageA free sample copy may be obtained directly by placing a request at Springer's web site

Agriculture and Human Values welcomes contributions on a broad range of topics relating to the main journal theme. Submissions are subject to double-blind peer review by referees in both the author's and related disciplines. The editor will also accept unsolicited book reviews, short discussions of previously published material, literature reviews, and annotated bibliographies. Agriculture and Human Values regularly publishes special issues devoted to multi-disciplinary perspectives on a single theme. Each is edited by a leading scholar in the field.

Contributors should submit manuscripts using the journal's online submission system at Authors should prepare three files. The first contains the title, author(s), affiliations, abstract and full correspondence, including telephone and fax number and email address, for the author submitting the manuscript. The second file contains the title and manuscript text. The third file contains a short bio for each author. For inquiries, please contact:

AHV Journal Editor-in-Chief:
Matthew Sanderson,

AHV Associate Editor:
Dr. Alison Blay-Palmer

AHV Book Review Editor:
Carol J. Pierce Colfer,

Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics

JAGE was first published in 1988 under the title Journal of Agricultural Ethics. It was edited by Frank Hurnik and Hugh Lehman. The publisher was Taylor and Francis. In 1991 the title was changed to its current title,Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics. In 1997 the journal was acquired by Kluwer publishers. Richard Haynes took over the editorship in 2000, beginning with volume 12. Springer acquired the journal beginning with volume 18 and the number of issues increased from 4 to six per year. The current editor is Jeffrey Burkhardt.

Visit Springer's website for the Journal for Agricultural and Environmental Ethics.

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